If you are looking for a handsome guy or a wallet,don't reply;If you hold a Master's degree or higher, not possible;girls born in Shanghai, not possible;female entrepreneurs(except small business hawker), not possible, so that we don't waste each other's hope。 The Andy Liu or Tom criuse kind, ,who are both wealthy and good-looking, would not make an announcement looking for you. Surely, I don't expect a Notting Hill story either. Even if you're indeed an angle, I won't be able to handle you---I don't expect that you looks like that girl on the magazine cover, just one look crushing people's souls。An averge person, with outside stylishness and inside conservativeness,with fit body and mind,will just do, even better if you're beautifully shy. You need not to play too many tricks or be too young, from time to time, you're allowed to have unrealistic dreams, but a few words is enough to get you back into reality without getting you angry--a little embarassed grin at most,and then do what you ought to do. I like a woman who knows how to fold clothes in a way that whenever you finish washing, ironing and folding them, they will look just like when you bought them from stores. It cannot be more specific than this, can it?


Let me introduce myself for you. I'm a man whose age is no longer small, living a moderately well-off life, who doesn't drink but smoke. I went abroad as a student and spent more than a decade living abroad, but never attended a real education. In wasting time, I learned all sorts of ways to make a living. Now I returned with no achivement at all. To tell you the truth, I should be judged as a “Fake Turtle" without the three--No company, no stocks and no degree. My personality is open;My character is neither good nor bad. I'm not exactly an honest man, but I am without  much courage since I was born. Even it is not illegal to kill, I wouldn't kill anyone. My conscience will be tortured by the guilt if I do anything cruel to others。I am meant not to be a villain, even if I try to be one. In general and basically, I'm still one of those who are beneficial and harmless to the mankind and our society.


Contact me by phone, if you're the one.

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